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Asterisk Master 1.01

Free Internet Explorer utility to reveal passwords hidden under asterisks
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Asterisk Master is an Internet Explorer plug-in that shows passwords hidden under asterisks (***) in password fields of any web page. Once installed, it is displayed in the status bar of the Internet Explorer browser. If you have selected to unmask the passwords, then it substitutes all password text boxes with normal text and reveals passwords automatically. If the unmask option is unchecked, then Asterisk Master allows you to view the passwords with “Passwords…” menu item. Asterisk Master is a simple and easy-to-use unmask tool, and is compatible with most of the Windows OS. With this utility, you can retrieve passwords from Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, Rediff, Orkut, Facebook and other user-login web pages on the Internet Explorer browser.
Asterisk Master is a great utility that allows you to define web pages as exceptions. The web pages listed as exceptions will not display the unmasked passwords when you visit them so you can secure your important passwords like bank accounts, share accounts etc. Interestingly, this handy password revelation utility is absolutely free to download and install.

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  • Free utility
  • Handy and easy to use
  • Enables users to reveal passwords hidden under asterisks
  • Allows users to define exception web pages which will not show the unmask passwords
  • Compatible with most of the Windows OS


  • Does not work with browsers like Mozilla Firefox etc
  • Not very user-friendly
  • It lacks mouse over and drag-and-drop feature
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